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You are always building your brand - either consciously or unconsciously.

• DIY'd as you grew, and it now feels outdated. 

• Have multiple offerings that feel completely separate. 

• Started out focused on one thing and your business has evolved into something entirely different.

Whether you know it or not, you have a personal brand. When you Google yourself, what pops up? These results are the first impression people have of you. Is it a good one?

Perhaps you...

The Magic of a LEGACY BRAND

A “Legacy Brand” is a brand that stands the test of time.

Think of Levi's. Do you remember Levi's from when you were a kid? How does the Levi's brand FEEL now?
Pretty much the same, right? The brand and logo has evolved, yet remains consistent over time.

That’s because Levi's invested the time, energy and money to create a LEGACY BRAND.

As technology improves...

As your business evolves...

As your ideal audience changes...

A Legacy Brand does, too.

A Legacy Brand reveals your genius to the world and will have people to say yes to whatever you offer.

"Tiffany is among THE top branding strategists in the industry, she only produces A-list branding. I am grateful to have her on my side as my branding guide."

Ron Reich, Marketing Genius + Influencer

My recent client Ron, for example, had a great business but NO BRAND whatsover. 

He'd be the first to tell you - you have to be good at what you do. However, a solid brand will take you to the NEXT LEVEL. Once his website went live, his confidence soared and he filled his mastermind with epic entrepreneurs quicker than ever before!



If you’ve been creating your brand DIY,  à la carte, there’s a high probability you have not yet created a Legacy Brand.

There are multiple dangers for your business and income associated with not having your own Legacy Brand. 

These include:

  • A mis-mashed, incoherent brand experience for your clients/customers, making you look less professional.

  • Needing to “update” your brand and site every time you have a new offering, costing you time and money.

  • Ping-ponging between different designers, resulting in conflicting ideas and visuals.

  • Having a brand that doesn’t feel authentic to you, and not tailored to your unique voice and presence.

  • You don’t have an overall brand that establishes YOU as the brand. Offerings come and go, but YOU will always be central to your business!

The Danger of NOT Having a Legacy Brand


In this 12 week brand transformation, you’ll walk away easily charging high-end fees—because you look—and feel—incredible and put-together. 


Hi, I'm Tiffany Neuman,

and I’ve helped multinational brands such as FedEx, Stoli Vodka, Burt’s Bees, Adidas, and many more get their message out, as a creative director for a major marketing firm. 

I’ve pivoted to take all this corporate knowledge and help you--a passionate entrepreneur-- take your brand to the next level. 


You walk away with your new logo(s), colors, fonts, tagline, the works! Created FOR YOU, personally by Tiffany. 


Tiffany will work directly with you to nail your Brand Story and Messaging.


Learn from & network with a highly curated group of A-players.


Loads of extra teaching, practice being visible and networking all happens in this secret portal...


From fields like high conversion copywriting, styling yourself to your fit your brand, and more!


Walk away with a long-term plan to stay consistent with your brand.


Your Legacy Brand isn’t just a new logo design. A Legacy Brand is the result of getting to your core essence through highly intuitive and theory based work. 

We’ll dive deep into the WHY of your business, and capture what makes you, well, you! Only then, do we start creating a visual experience and ensure that your messaging is on point. 

"Tiffany is an angel who changed my life. The Influencer Leap Program was the best investment I have made in my business. She helped me bring to life a big dream that's been hiding for over 10 years.

I now have the confidence to GO FOR IT and a beautiful Legacy brand to serve as the foundation. I am so excited to share my message now instead of wonder if it will ever happen!"

Rachel Redmond, Founder of the Yin Way,
Ayurvedic + Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Alexandra Stockwell, Relationship & Intimacy Expert


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Alexandra Stockwell, Relationship & Intimacy Expert

Awesome recent projects

"Anyone who is an expert at what they do and wants branding and marketing which are an authentic representation of who they are and what they do should absolutely work with Tiffany. The support and collaboration working with someone who is experienced and committed to my success, and who has the tools to support me is priceless."

Alexandra Stockwell, Relationship & Intimacy Expert



"Tiffany developed a strategy that got me, my team and the affiliates excited to share during the launch. It gave me confidence that there was a sense of cohesiveness throughout the launch and I was able to focus on all the other things that needed to happen. I had WAY less meetings and back and forth. There was serious ROI with Tiffany onboard as the Creative Director."

Selena Soo, Top Online Influencer, Publicity + Marketing Strategist

Escape the sea of sameness online.

Boost Sales.

Increase Visibility.

"If you're looking for a creative magician, Tiffany is your lady! Before working with her on a major branding project, I mostly took care of my design needs myself.

No longer! I asked Tiffany to work with us in a slightly unusual, collaborative way, and she stepped up to the challenge, delivering in a big way. She took our new brand strategy and created a visual that exactly represents us.

I love our new logo designs, website, and overall creative look, and I love knowing that she's there as we grow. Tiffany understands how to help you step into the new version of your business, in a beautiful and effortless way!"


Liz Lajoie, Zen Money CFO

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"My biggest frustration was not knowing what branding really was, how it should look, or how to go about it. But I knew it was important to my success.

Tiffany was an angel that saved me and I would have paid double for the value I received. My brand separated me from the rest of the herd. You can now see my distinctness and the clarity in my messaging.

Get ready to raise your level of awareness. If you're serious about your business, get serious about your brand. Tiffany is absolutely the expert to work with."

David Norris, Speaker | Author | Coach

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